Homeowners that are looking to increase the property value of their homes will enjoy the durability and easy maintenance of granite countertops. Granite is one of the most sturdy of all stones, second to diamonds. Granite, being created from molten rock, can stand up to the heat from a hot pan without a problem. The solidity of the surface is exceptional for handling confectionery or dough. However, while durable and low-maintenance, they are not altogether impervious to damages.

When granite countertops are properly installed, they will last a lifetime, providing even more justification for the greater expense required to purchase and install them. The granite countertop supplier must give directions for care with each slab, since all granite is made up of several minerals. Also if two stone pieces originate from the very same part of the world, there will certainly be variances in the granite that necessitate different upkeep procedures.

Over time, day-to-day usage will lend extra polish to some areas of your countertop, while the added essential sealants distract from its beauty. Regular cleaning and re-sealing is important to maintaining the beautiful finish of your granite countertops long after they are installed.

Care for the surface starts with daily attention to what is positioned on the surface area. Granite kitchen counters are strong and could stand up to a dropping can of soup, but the sleek surface area is a little bit more fragile. Never make use of the granite as a cutting surface; instead, utilize a cutting board. Avoid allowing acidic foods such as lemon juice, vinegar and soda to be left on the surface for any amount of time, as they can destory the finish. Harsh cleansing items or abrasive cleansers (fluid or powder) can have the same effect. To clean your granite countertops without leaving streaks or doing damage, utilize only a small amount of warm water with a pH-balanced dishwashing fluid.

Granite is exceptionally tough, yet some of the minerals in it might be really soft. The presence of various minerals is what makes the granite very easy to damage or chip along the grain. In order to protect the surface, it is advised to prevent dragging pots, frying pans or devices along the rock. Something as small as scooting something over the countertop that has a grain of sugar under it could damage the sleek surface.

Prevent making use of a stone sealant that will not pass through the stone, as it will create a gloomy surface that will have to be removed by stripping the entire countertop, using harsh solvents. Keep in mind, the shiny sparkle isn’t really created by a coating on the surface, but by expert polishing using rock polishing tools.

Most small damages to granite countertops are easy for homeowners to fix, such as gray marks caused by pots and pans, which may be polished with fine steel wool. If a glue-like compound is stuck on the countertop, it is possible to scratch it off with a charge card or single-sided razor blade. Little marks made throughout the elimination could be brightened out with a fine steel wool pad. A professional granite countertop installer in Charlotte may need to be called in to perform repair work if the granite is broken or split.

In addition to its stamina, granite is a really gorgeous stone that adds color and beauty to any type of kitchen. With just a little care and routine maintenance, your Charlotte NC granite countertops will certainly last you a lifetime.

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