With Thanksgiving right around the corner and the Christmas holidays coming up, you’re probably prepping your home for guests. Perhaps a kitchen remodel is on your to-do list for the upcoming new year. If so, check out this list of what’s trending most in 2017.

#1. Tall cabinets. Tall and slender has always faired better than short and wide (and not just in the cabinet world!) Taller kitchen cabinets make your space look bigger and brighter. They also have more storage room, which is a definite plus if you have a lot of dishes and glassware for entertainment purposes!

#2. Mixed colors. Tuxedo cabinets are one surefire way to mix up your kitchen color palette, and they are high on the list of kitchen remodeling trends in 2017. You could do a literal tuxedo color combination with black cabinets up top and white cabinets underneath your countertops. Experts also suggest a softer color scheme such a navy blue and light gray.

#3. Wood paneling. Also called “shiplap”, wood paneling gives your kitchen a clean, modern look. It also gives a nudge your grandmother’s kitchen a few decades back, making your space feel interestingly welcoming at the same time.

#4. Mixed hardware. Going along with mixed color cabinetry, you may also want to spruce things up with a mix of gold, silver, and pewter for your drawer handles and cabinet knobs. Unlike the monochromatic stainless steel look that previous kitchen have, the mixed hardware will make your space feel truly unique and even more inviting.

#5. Appliances that blend in. Sorry guys … stainless steel is out! If you’re going to overhaul your kitchen, ditch the stainless and go for appliances that blend into your overall design scheme (also known as “hidden appliances.”)

#6. Light colored paint and wood. The darker brown cabinets and dark colored walls are quickly giving way to softer grays and white colors, which make your kitchen look bigger and brighter (major selling points.)

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